New, interesting Videos for all...

 1st) Fancy taking a course on Global Warming?
A free Course from UChicago explains Climate Change:
Visit breathtaking Yosemite National Park:
and, finally,  here's some 20th Century history for you:


Uxía said…
Hi :) Teacher, I have a maths exam tomorrow but Doval thinks that is better the monday in your hour, i look for you today but didn´t see you, I can do in your hour? (just me, because i couldn´t do in december)
And please,when you have my mark tell me :)
Uxía Rodríguez
Marga said…
It's OK, Uxía! No problem and good luck :)
I haven't had time to correct your exams yet. When I have news, I'll tell you but I don't think it'll be today.

See you!
Marga said…
Hi again, Uxía!
Your mark in this exam was just 4.75. Sorry, it could have been better and I hope it will soon. Have a nice weekend!

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