22nd anniversary of "The Simpsons" television debut!

Who is your favorite Simpsons character? Why?


1º ESO B said…
my favourite simpsons charecter is bart simpson,because he is very funny and is a little evil,I like it.
1º ESO B said…
My favourite Simpsoms´ character is Lisa becouse she is very intelligent and pretty. She always know who said. Florina.
Michaella said…
My favourite Simpson's character is Lisa.
Because she is very intelligent. Michaella
Carlos said…
My favourite simpsons character is Ralph.he is Ralph.Carlos
Mariana said…
My favourite character is Lisa,becouse is very intelligent and she is a person serious and dependable.Mariana
1º ESO B said…
My favourite Simpsons character is magie because is a baby very simpatic and very funny. Carla.
Miguel said…
My favourite character is Bart because he is very joker and funny.Miguel.
Miguel said…
My favourite character is homer beacuse is very silly.

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