2011 Halloween

Previous Halloween entries with lots of activities: 1, 2

This year I'm taking a new approach:
Instead or, rather, besides online materials, we're gonna watch 
a Modern Family episode and do these activities about it.
(Watch some excerpts)

Revise the basics:
Create a Zombie
or learn The Haunted History of Halloween:
Watch more interesting videos from the History Channel here
or play Hidden Spirits: A Paranormal Investigation Halloween Game 

 Watch the Top 10 Horror-Themed Video Games
to play on Halloween.

Are these your favorite segments from the past 22
Simpsons' "Treehouse of Horrors"?

Enjoy your Halloween !


After read this blog i stay impressive with the whole information because is absolutely interesting and wonderful .I like the new ideas raised in this blog. I must to say that I liked a lot the design and the way it was written. Simply wonderful.
Quotes said…
Hey its such a great serial i watched 4 season of it and watching 5th season of it must say did a great job full of surprises I am fan of it thanks for sharing this blog with us.
frynimarvel said…
Hola Marga,
quiero entrar en contacto contigo via e-mail. Tu direccion electronica en tu perfil es valida? Quiero preguntarte algo, dime como puedo!
Marga said…
I'm glad that you enjoy my blog.
Fryni: I've just answered your email.
Thanks for reading and writing!

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