Trivia Quiz
Spelling is compelling
Read "The Man Booker Prize"

And I'm bringing some videos today:
1) An idea for your video, 1º BAC
2) We talked about it in class: 'Apocalypse now': 1, 2
And how do you like this Brief history of America?


ZephiR said…
Hi teacher^^
I'm doing a song with a boy from eeuu
when i finish the song, could you listen it? :)
Marga said…
It'll be a pleasure, Zephir. Thanks for thinking of me!
Enjoy the weekend,
ZephiR said…
Thank you teacher^^!
i will record the song in carnival :)
good day teacher (:
Anthea Sapon said…
Hi there,

I hope that I'm not the cheeky ONE now :)

I came across http://englishteachermargarita.blogspot.com/ and wondered whether you might be interested in mentioning my blog dedicated to "English speaking" up there?

It is located here --> http://www.englishspeaking.org

Thanks for looking into it!

Anthea Sapon
Marga said…
Hi, Anthea!
I´ve had a look at your interesting blog and may also use it when the right occassion comes up.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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