Modal Verbs again!

There are plenty of previous entries about Modals
so I will just arrange them for you:
1) Good, detailed Presentation
2) Lots of Modals/ Modal Perfect exercises
3) and more!

Finally, the Presentation seen in class:


Anonymous said…
I´m María and I want know my mark, Manuel´s mark , Ester Dorribo´s mark and Soraya´s mark.Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher!! I'm Inés, Could you give me my mark? Thanks!!!
Merche said…
Good evening teacher.
I´m Mercedes Carballo and I want to know my mark.
Thank you!:)
Margarita said…
These are your marks in today's exam:
María: 4
Manuel: 7.5
Ester D. : 4.25
Soraya: 7.25
Inés: 5.25
Merche: 6.5

See you!
Anonymous said…
Hi!I´m Lucia Gue and I wanna know my mark please!cu
Margarita said…
Lucía "Gue", Hi!
Well, as you know, the exam was SO difficult that your mark is only 9.5

See you (complain)(haha)soon!
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher I´m Gabriel and I would like to know my mark.
Wait your answer. Thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
Hello teacher!I´m Emma and I want to know my mark!Thanks!!
See you!
Margarita said…
Hi, Emma and Gabriel!
Your marks are: 5.75 (Gabriel's) and 7.25 (Emma's).
See you!
Anonymous said…
i´m rafa and i want to know my mark and jorge´s mark. thanks
Margarita said…
Hi, Rafa!
Your mark is 5.25
and Jorge's 7.5

Anonymous said…
Hi teacher!!! I'm Noelia and I would like to know my mark. Thanks!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi teacher!!! I'm Noelia and I would like to know my mark.Thanks!!!
Margarita said…
Hi, Noelia!
Not bad, is it?
Anonymous said…
hi teacher,I'm Julia.Could you give me my mark¿Thank you
Margarita said…
Hi, Julia!
Your mark is 5.
See you!
Anonymous said…
hellow teacher!!
I´m Ánxela and I want to know my mark.
Margarita said…
Hi, Ánxela!
This wasn't your best exam: 4.75.
Anonymous said…
hello teacher!!!how are you??I´m adrian,and I would like to know my mark.Thanks
good night!!!!
Margarita said…
Adrián hi!
LucHii ..] said…
Hi teacher !
I'm Lucia Girola , i want to know my mark.
Thanks !! Bye!
Margarita said…
Hi, Lucía!
Tomorrow you'll see it.
See you, bye for now!
Anonymous said…
Teacher!! Te deje los CD's en el departamento de ingles, muchas gracias!!
Margarita said…
In English, Inés, please!
I know, I have them with me.
You're welcome!
Anonymous said…
hellooo teacher! :)
how are you? i'm carmen and i want to know my mark,if you can say it to me :)
very thanks!see you tomorrow!
Margarita said…
Hi, Carmen!
Of course, I can: 6.5
See you!

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