English & Cinema

Good films? In English? In Ourense? Simply Irresistible!
Thanks, Cineclube Padre Feijoo!


Dani said…
Thank you for the list of books!!
I think I'll read Poe, I like short tails, and I'd like to know if he is as good as it is said.
Then, pherhaphs I'll read one of Sherlock Holmes books. But Agatha Christy (I don't know if her name is writen like I did)... I have lot's of her books, in Spanish, so I wont' buy them in English...
Ah! It's very interesting the cinema in English... If we'd have more time...
Margarita said…
Hi, Dani!
Thanks for writing and congratulations on your diploma!
I really hope you enjoy Poe's tales.
See you!
Anonymous said…
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