Modals and Modal Perfects (1)

Here is my brief presentation again:


Anonymous said…
hi.I'm Noé. what is my mark?
Anonymous said…
hello!I'm Román.What's my mark?
Anonymous said…
i am david what is my note
Anonymous said…
i'm borja lorenzo can you give me my mark?
Margarita said…
Hi, quick students!
You could (should) have added "Please"...
Here are your marks:
Noé: 6.25
Román: 5.75 (I was expecting more from you)
David: 2.25 (Sorry, David. You have to pay more attention in class and work harder...)
Borja L.: 5.75
See you on Thursday!
Anonymous said…
i'm cristian. what is my mark?
Margarita said…
Hi, Cristian!
You have a 3.25.
I'm sorry!
See you on Thursday.

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