Welcome, 1º Bac!

Fancy some English practice?
Grammar: Simple or Continuous Present
(There's an explanation first and some exercises at the bottom)
Gerunds / Infinitives

How about listening to a FIRST DATE ...? :

And I already have your marks, so you're ready for...



maosgbrrr said…
hi teacheeeer
have you got my mark?
Im Angel Mao, 1ºE

yeesss como? yeeees
R.Rodriguez said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
R.Rodriguez said…
Hi teacher
Have you got my mark??
Im Ruben Rodriguez, 1ºE
margarita said…
Hi, Thanks for writing, Angel and Rubén.
Yes, I've got your marks:
Ángel: 7
Rubén: 4.75 (you just need a little effort)
See you on Friday!
margarita said…
Hi, Alvaro!
You wrote at "1º ESo C" but just in case you see the 1º Bac entry, your mark is 6.
See you!!
R.Carballido said…
Hi teacher...

Have you got my mark?

Im Román Carballido, 1ºE.

margarita said…
Hi, Román!
How's the holiday going?
You've got an 8.25
See you tomorrow!!
adan said…
hello teacher.what´s my mark?
adan said…
i forgot it. I´´m Adan from 1º bac E
Diego said…
hello!have you got my mark?
my name is Diego 1ºE
margarita said…
Hi, Adán!
Congratulations on your 10!

Diego: I'm afraid I've got bad news, your mark was only 3.75. I'll show the exam tomorrow.

See you, thanks for writing!

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