Video games

What do you do for fun?
Do you...
play games? meet friends? watch TV? practise your hobbies? do sport?
Other activities? Which?
Today we're talking about computer (video / mobile / console) games
Here are some Questions about them:
· Do you like videogames?
· How often do you play videogames?
· Do you play on the computer, on a games console or on the mobile phone/tablet?
· What is your favorite type of videogames?
· What actions do you do in it?
· Do you play alone or with other people?
· Do you like "cultural" games?
· Can you play chess, checkers or cards? 
Do you agree or disagree with these statements about videogames?:
(via ISL Collective)
- Playing to much videogames can be dangerous for your health.
- Sports videogames are more exciting than playing actual sports.
- Videogames can be good for the brain.
- I only play videogames at the weekends.
- Videogames are for boys only.
- Adults don’t play videogames.
- I usually make pauses when I play a lot of time.
- Some videogames are for girls only.
- Violent games make violent people.
- You can learn how to drive with videogames.
- Videogames can be used for education.
- Videogames based on films are usually very bad.
- I prefer playing with a joystick rather than a touch screen
How many types of videogames can you mention?
Write as many as you can for a minute...
Did you have any of these ideas?:
Types of video games Practice: here
What do you know about the history of computer games?
Read this and find out or go to your Student's Book Page 75
Visit the online exhibitions at The Strong National Museum of Play
Some educational games (hopefully...):
BTW,do you know the song "Video games" by Lana del Rey?...
Well, now you will ;)
Finally, there's the phrase "mind games"
Does it have to do with Brian's story? Watch and check:


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