A day in the life


What do different people do on a typical day in their lives? 
Use ideas from the photo above or these other ones: 1, 2, 3
to imagine a day in the life of...:
- your favourite sportsperson
- a university student
- a nurse working the night shift
- a student like you from a different continent
How are their routines different from yours?
You may need to revise THE TIME for this
What about you?:
What do you love doing every day?
What do you like doing every day?
What don't you mind doing every day?
Is there anything that you can't stand doing?
Vocabulary practice:
Choose the right daily routines
Practise on Baamboozle: 1, 2 (with times and present simple)
Wordwall: 1, 2, 3, 4:
Further practice on the "Daily routines" Label, especially here
  Listening: 1, 2 (Tasks 2, 3)
A day in the life of a child in Kenya:

A day in the life of a Cambridge student:
Is this how you imagined the students' lives?


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