25th November

25th November, time to reflect on issues like
Dating Violence or Healthy Relationships
In your opinion, what is "Dating Violence"? and What's a healthy relationship? 
Find out more on this previous entry
Time for the "COOL, NOT COOL QUIZ" again via That'sNotCool Website
Stereotypes like these can lead to abuse 
Relationships through songs like:
Somebody that I used to know: activity and full lyrics video
What happens / has happened to the couple in this video?
What makes you think so?
What kind of relationship is there between them? Why?
where YOU get to make the decisions,

We also debated round some of these prompts
At school:
Finally, this is the terrifying testimony by a victim of an abusive relationship,
a woman who was in "crazy love"
This is her story, you can watch it on TED or on ISL Collective:


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