Got any doubts?
You'll find plenty of activities to practise here:
- Exercise 1
- Exercise 2
- Exercise 3
- Explanation and 4 easy exercises

Are you interested in anything else? Write and ask!
BYE now!!


Stella said…
Marga, hi from Albacete!!! i started my English blog some days ago and yours is a great inspiration for me, it's awesome! I wondered if it's ok if I could take these exercises about used to/get used to from you, my bach students would be grateful (or not hehe). Thanks very much! please check out my blog and tell me what you think :P
Marga said…
Hi, Stella!
Thanks a lot for your sweet comment which I've just seen!
I'll certainly be visiting your blog and of course you can use any contents from my blog, that's what they're for!
Enjoy the long weekend!

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