Welcome back


So, how are you?
Glad to be back?
What are you going to miss most about the summer?
What do you think you may like about this school year?
Have you got any of these messages so far today?
Do you agree with them?
Today it's all about getting to know one another:
and some activites:
Don’t answer (via Prodigy):
Pose the student next to you a question about his or her personality. 
For example: “What is your silliest habit?” or “What is your pet peeve?”
The student who is asked the question may not respond - 
with the student to their left answering for them. 
If someone doesn't answer, he or she has to ask a question, instead.
Make your Questions and answers as imaginative or creative as possible.
Class time capsule:
Let's create individualized time capsules on the first day of school. 
Write about what you plan to accomplish throughout the school year.
Letters can include expectations, clubs you would like to join, 
and desired grade point averages.
We can also take pictures on the first day.
On the last day of school, we´ll see how much you have learned, grown,
 and achieved throughout the school year.
Would you rather...:
What a dilemma!
Now, add your own Would you rather question...
and since we are getting familiar with one another, here's something about me:
I don't think I could live without music..


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