1st ESO, This is (almost) goodbye!


Watch this video is very emotional and a very good warning of what can happen to EVERYONE.
If you can, please post on the blog, and so we can see everyone.

We all are, were or will be an "Dear 16-Years-Old Me"

Here is the same video but it is Subtitling to Spanish... ;)

ZephiR said…
Teacher, can you tell me my mark, please? :S
Hi teacher!Can you tell me my mark,please?thanks!
Hello teacher,can you give me my mark please?Thank you.
Marga said…
haha! A bit too impatient, don't you think?
ZephiR said…
yes, but i think that my exam isn't good, and i can not pass the asignature u.u
ZephiR said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZephiR said…
please teacher, help me in the correction ='(
the next week i will record a song in english :DD
i coment you the song, ok?
Teacher give me my mark please
Anonymous said…
jajajaja Martin, Manzano says that the "autoestima" is very important!
Teacher please give me my mark :)
Miss we and if you can, choose 2ºBach for the next year :)
And happy holidays!
Uxía Rodríguez
Hi teacher! Could you give me my mark? Thank you!
Teahcer.. Can you give me my mark please?

I hope that you like the video which I sent you the other day
Quique said…
Hi teacher, Can you give me my mark please?
Marga said…
These are your marks in the EXAM - not your final marks:
Zephir: 4 (but I agree with Uxía, you must improve your self-esteem! and I hope to listen to your song!)
Lucía: 7.5
Uxía Alonso: 6.5
Iván: 8.25
Uxía Rguez: 6.25
Mario: 8.25
Brais: 6.5
Quique: 6.75
I hope to see you on Tuesday but just in case: Have a veeeeeery happy Summer! and, Brais, yes, I loved the video, thanks. I'll soon be publishing it as soon as I'm done with exam corrections.
Bye for now!

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